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hell with it, baby, ‘cause you’re fine and you’re mine
and you look so divine

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Salvador Dali - Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat


Salvador Dali - Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat

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The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving.

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today i walked around with my boyfriend and tried out different camera settings for this assignment and everything is so beautiful when it’s neon and blurry!! 

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"Jordana and I enjoyed an atavistic, glorious fortnight of lovemaking, humiliating teachers and bullying the weak. I have already turned these moments into the Super-8 footage of memory."

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male moans are really important to me like goddamn make some noise pump up the volume christ just moan its very hot

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Emma here, and I really need your help


I have a big legal problem to do with my blogs, the Large Labia Project and Our Breasts and I need your help.

I can’t go into details and it’s all bullshit, but I have had to hire a lawyer to defend myself, which I really cannot afford. Ultimately all of this could put both blogs in jeopardy…

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My brother sings this to get his 6 month old to sleep. Works every time.

Frédéric Ruyant


Hey, white Steven Universe fans. These are all the POC in the cast of Steven Universe. You notice how 3 of the 4 leads are WOC? Or how this is more than 2/3 of the extended cast of the show? Representation matters. Trying to litigate the racial background of these characters because you want to identify with them as white is fucking shitty. Stop it. White people are massively over-represented in TV shows and movies. We don’t need to steal back characters whose creators have deliberated coded as non-white.

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